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Thank you to all who have renewed their membership for 2019 so far and welcome to all new members of the Surrey League. Your racing license and membership pack (see below) should be ready early March and we plan to hand these out at your first event.

Perfs Pedal Road Race

The UK road scene opens this weekend with Perfs Pedal road race. Every year, Perfs’ attracts some of the top UK riders and teams and this year is no exception. Teams to watch are Canyon DHB P/B Bloor Homes, who have recently competed in the Mallorca Challenge and includes last years winner Alex Paton, and the new team of Nopinz Latchem Race Team, with 2013 winner Marcin Bialoblocki heading up their squad.

The start list also includes familiar riders and teams known to the Surrey League. Southdowns Bikes Casco PET features a 4 man squad with other teams/clubs such as Meudon Pedal-Heaven RT and Norwood Paragon both having riders present.

Perfs course

The 46-mile race kicks off at 11 am from the small village of Southwick. The riders then face 5 complete laps of the undulating Portsdown Hill circuit, before being redirected onto the finishing circuit taking in the climb of Hundred Acres to the finish line. After the finish riders then take the road back to race HQ.

Let’s hope the current windy and wet conditions dissipate before Sunday’s event allowing racing to proceed without too much disruption. Also means that the marshals and myself (being a static commissaire at Staple Cross crossroads) are treated to dry conditions for 3 hours rather than being battered by terrible weather.

Surrey League Club/Team/Rider 2019 Affiliation

Club/team/rider affiliation is steadily growing, but please remember that if you want to affiliate to the league then your club/team must be affiliated first. Rider affiliation is done via RiderHQ, but clubs/teams can download the form from our website and send to Glyn.

Weekend events in March/April

2nd March – Kingston Wheelers promote two events on the popular Dunsfold circuit. A 3rd cat event is planned for the morning (09:30 am), which will cover approx 51 miles, followed by a 2nd/3rd cat event in the afternoon (1:30 pm). Both events are open to enter via RiderHQ (spaces are still available for both events).

17th March – Brighton Mitre promote two events on the Kirdford circuit with a 3rd cat event planned for the morning with riders covering approx 50miles. It is then followed by a 2nd/3rd cat event in the afternoon with these riders tackling 60 miles. Both events are open to enter via RiderHQ (spaces are still available for both events).

31st March – Dulwich Paragon promotes a 2nd/3rd cat event using the Lingfield circuit with the riders covering approx 65 miles. This event is now open on RiderHQ (spaces are still available).

7th April – Farnborough & Camberley promote two events on the Seale Circuit. A 3rd cat event is planned for the morning (09:30 am), which will cover approx 50 miles, followed by a 2nd/3rd cat event in the afternoon (1:30 pm). Both events are open to enter via RiderHQ (spaces are still available for both events).

Race Calendars

The race calendars are live on our website and are continually changing, but we must stress that these are still provisional only;

Novice Race Preparation Training Sessions (updated)

Please remember that if you are new to the Surrey League, and a 4th cat male/female rider, you will need to complete 2 Novice Race Preparation Training Sessions before being allowed to race with us. Once passed, you’ll be given an accreditation card which you must bring with you to your events as well as your Surrey League and BC race licenses.

A few years ago, the Surrey League introduced ‘Race Preparation Training Sessions’. These have the aim of introducing basic and advanced group riding skills to all novice 4th cat riders (men and women) so they are more prepared for competitive racing. They are run by qualified British Cycling coaches, with the help of a number of experienced riders, on various traffic-free circuits in the Surrey area.

More details are available on our website and you can enter the sessions via RiderHQ.

The next sessions available are;

Precise Performance 4th Cat Series

We are pleased to announce that Precise Performance, a company delivering bike fitting & coaching services, is sponsoring the Friday night 4th cat series at Dunsfold Park. Precise Performance will be donating 12 prizes to each race winner and is in the form of a voucher for a Fitness Test at their studio in Herriard, near Basingstoke.

Precise Performance

More details can be found on our website and you can also visit their website for a full list of services they provide.

Amendments for 2019

This year we are making a couple of changes to two of our series. The changes are needed to help aid the riders and also race promoters.

Firstly, the Vets series. In the past, the format has always been one race two age groups (40+ and the 50+). Well in 2019 this will change to three age groups (40+, 50+, and 60+). This is to aid and encourage others to race and be rewarded with league positions and points. The same system applies, everybody races together, but the results will be split into the new age groups rather than 2 age groups as in previous years.

Secondly, the Handicap events will now be on RiderHQ. This will help riders, as well as promoters, regards cash on the night. You can still enter ‘on-the-day’ mind you if you prefer.

Membership Pack

All members will receive a Membership Pack with their Surrey League license. These will be handed out from early March and contain various small product items donated by our sponsors.

More information regarding the Membership Pack can be found on our website


As well as Precise Performance, who are sponsoring the 4th cat series at Dunsfold Park, we also have RouleurWilkinson Sword, stolen goat, MOAAssos (Care Products), and Pelotan all supplying product as regards our Membership Packs.

You can view these on our updated Sponsors page on our website.

More are planned, but we will update you later on.

The Road Book

The Road Book have kindly allowed members a 10% discount code (SURREY2018) when purchasing from their website (







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