TTT Championships

The ‘Provisional’ Team Time Trial Championships for 2021

The TTT Championships is a 4-up Team Time Trial that uses the Alford/Kirdford circuit and for 2021 will held on Saturday 4th September starting at 1 pm. Race distance is approx. 34 miles and takes in 2 laps of the course which uses a mixture of narrow and main roads.

The event is open to all categories of riders with teams either being the same sex or mixed. As with any other TTT, the team can start with 3 or 4 riders, but to record a finish time, 3 riders must finish – preferably together.

For 2021, this event may use a new course due to the road surface on the Alford/Kirdford course.

Promoting Club: Date: Course
TBC 4th September Alford/Kirdford
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