Surrey League Alford/Kirdford Road Circuit

The Alford/Kirdford circuit is pictured below and is also available on Strava to view: Alford/Kirdford Circuit

This circuit is used for the 4-up Team Time Trial Championships in September and measures 17.2 miles in length. It is a combination of two road courses (Alford & Kirdford) and is undulating using mostly rural roads, apart from the B2133, with no central white line markings, and is twisting in nature.

The start is situated 100 yards left of the HQ down Dunsfold Road with the finish being along the B2133 (Loxwood Road) 100 yards before the junction at Alford Crossways.

Two circuits are completed for this event with the HQ being;

  1. Alford Crossways Hall, Dunsfold Road, Alford, Surrey, GU6 8JB