Surrey League Cutmill Road Circuit

The Cutmill circuit is pictured below and is also available on Strava to view: Cutmill Circuit

The course uses a mix of unclassified roads coupled with the B3001 and is rolling in nature with 1 lengthy climb (to finish) and a long descent on the other side of the circuit (B3001). The village of The Sands may have parked cars so care is required and the turn from Littleworth road (The Sands) into Crooksbury road has a sharp 45 degree turn. The first 0.8m of Fulbrook Lane is narrow and twisting and again care is required. The start/finish area is located at the top of the climb on Littlewrth road, Seale.

The circuit measures 6.9 miles in length and is primarily used over the weekend as road race.

The circuit has 1 HQ which is;

  1. Elstead Youth Centre, Thursley Road, Elstead, Surrey, GU8 6DQ