When organising a Surrey League event, organisers must follow the correct procedures to enable a smooth and safe running event. Further details can be found below as regards the Handicap series, Dunsfold Park series, and the open Road Race events
Organising a Surrey League Handicap Event:

The Surrey League promotes a healthy round of Handicap events on Thursday evenings using various road courses throughout the summer (May, June, and July).

All events start at 7.15 pm and cover a race distance of around 30 miles. The time gaps between groups vary and depends on the number of riders who turn up and what their ability level is.

The series finishes off with the Handicap Championship in September which is held on a Sunday rather than a Thursday evening.

Key points include;

  1. HQ is usually a car park or lay by
  2. The Handicapper will determine the handicap time between each group
  3. The time between each group will depend on how many riders turn up and their category
  4. No pre-entry. Riders turn up, sign up, pay up and ride.

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Organising a Surrey League Dunsfold Park Event:

The Surrey League promotes events at Dunsfold Park both on Wednesday and Friday evenings throughout the summer (May, June, and July).

Wednesday Events

The Wednesday events cater for the Vets attracting around 60 riders. Two races are held but both run at the same time.

Friday Events

The Friday events cater for the 4th cats and women. Depending on the number of women arriving determines whether they get a separate event or not.


Key points include;

  1. Dunsfold Park is an operational business park and airfield so promoters/organisers must be aware that public vehicles will be present. On rare occasions, racing has been stopped to allow aircraft to land/take off. The commissaries will address if and when these situations arise
  2. When promoting at Dunsfold Park, arrive around 5.30 – 6.00 so you can remove the traffic cones from the course (these need to be replaced after the event) and check the circuit. These traffic cones are located in 5 separate places on the far side of the circuit so transport is required
  3. Entrance to Dunsfold Park is via Stovolds Hill entrance
  4. If the weather is bad, Dunsfold Park is very exposed – dress accordingly
  5. Make sure all cars are parked in the parking area and away from the circuit edge around the start/finish area
  6. Don’t forget that the traffic cones moved before the event must be returned to their original position once racing has ended

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Organising a Surrey League Road Race Event:

Surrey League road races are held over the weekend and cater for 3rd and 2nd category riders.

Two events are usually available and these are in the format of a morning race for 3rd cats followed by an afternoon race for 2nd/3rd cats.

Riders pre-enter using RiderHQ.

Key points include;

  1. The Surrey League will deliver, via email, the required paperwork a few days before the event(s) takes place (this will include the finalised start sheet).
  2. The organiser must be present on the day of the event(s)

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