Surrey League Dunsfold Road Circuit

The Dunsfold circuit is pictured below and is also available on Strava to view: Dunsfold Circuit

The Dunsfold course is held entirely on rural roads with very little central white line demarcation. A popular course, it is fast featuring good sections of straight road without to many twists and turns. The main feature of the course is the fast descent down Plaistow road to the junction that leads in Chiddingfold road. This junction marks the start of the race and each new lap thereafter. Also this turn is sharp with a 45 degree turn which, from the start, begins the main climb of each lap.

When you reach this junction on your last lap, the course will direct you to the right to begin the finish climb of Wrotham Hill (off the actual circuit).

The finish is located 200 metres after the top of Wrotham Hill (it’s the descent you come down to join the circuit).

The circuit measures 6.7 miles in length and is primarily used over the weekend as a road race, but on few occasions as a Thursday evening Handicap event.

The circuit has 3 HQ’s at its disposal and these are;

  1. Alford Crossways Hall, Dunsfold Road, Alford, Surrey, GU6 8JB
  2. Winn Memorial Hall, Dunsfold, Surrey, GU8 4LF
  3. Chiddingfold Village Hall, Coxcombe Lane, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4QA