Documentation – Dunsfold Park Event

Dunsfold Park is an operational business park with an operational airfield at it’s centre. The riders race on the outer perimeter of the park, which is at least 8 metres wide and measures approx. 3 miles in length, and depending on level of race, cover this road 10 times (9 for women).

Dunsfold Park Circuit

The road surface is very good in places, but the finish straight does have some minor potholes as well as the final bend leading into the finish straight. The remainder of the course is very good.

We hold events at Dunsfold Park on Wednesday and Friday evening with events starting at 7pm. All events have to use the left hand side of the circuit at all times because, as mentioned, Dunsfold Park is a live environment with oncoming traffic around – usually buses and heavy goods vehicles.

The only time riders can spread out to use the complete width of the circuit is when leading up to the finish and the sprint for the finish. The traffic is held back via marshalls, which 2 are required by the promoting club and/or organiser, but this is the only time it happens. At least 3 further line judges are required as well as 2 signing on stewards (these can be judges also). First aid is supplied by the Surrey League and usually arrive around 6.15pm.

Procedure to Follow

Events at Dunsfold Park are ‘Entry-on-the-Day’ only with no ‘Pre-entry’ allowed. You will also be supplied with all the correct paperwork at least one week before your event date, which you must bring with you, and you do not need to worry about the First Aider as this will be organised by the Surrey League.

Further Notes;

  1. Lead cars are not compulsory for Dunsfold Park so no procedure is required.
  2. You are required to supply Marshalls so this procedure needs to be adhered to.
  3. Race radios are available via Glyn, who will be present, but the comm’s will have their own.
  4. Dunsfold Park is very open with no shelter for all concerned if the weather is cold, wet or windy, or all three. Please dress accordingly and inform your helpers also.