Surrey League Lingfield Road Circuit

The Lingfield circuit is pictured below and is also available on Strava to view: Lingfield Circuit

One of the longer courses, its undulating with an off-course up hill finish. The courses is held on a combination of A and B classification roads plus a 3.7km section on smaller roads. The roads A264 and B2026 have sections of solid white lines and could be busy with on coming traffic so care is required.

The start is located on Widerwick road at the junction of Mutton Hill/Dormans Station road and after completing required number of laps, the course will direct you left on to Mutton Hill with a 200m climb to the finish.  The circuit measures 14.9 miles in length and is either used as a stage in a stage race or weekend road race.

The circuit has 2 HQ’s at its disposal and these are;

  1. Lingfield Lodge Farm, Moor Lane, Marsh Green, Kent, TN8 5QS
  2. Rickards Hall, High Street, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 5AR
  3. Edenbridge Leisure Centre, Stangrove Park, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5LU