Milland Hill

Surrey League Milland Hill Road Circuit

The Milland circuit is pictured below and is also available on Strava to view: Milland Circuit

The Milland Hill course is held on mainly rural roads with a 3km section on the B2070. The section along the B2070 contains 1km of dual carriageway and riders are to remain in the left carriageway during this duration (is also downhill too and can be vey fast). As you approach Rake, a left turn is required which is followed by a sharp descent with a bend at the bottom followed by a short rise to the next junction.

The start/finish area is in Milland Lane at the top of the climb. Please note that the approach to the climb is narrow with the climb itself maxing out at 25% when going under the bridge as you near the top. The finish is a few hundred yards after the climb yet still in Milland Lane. Approaching traffic may be haulted whilst riders tackle Milland Hill.

The circuit measures 7 miles in length and is primarily used as a weekend road race.

The circuit has 3 HQ’s at its disposal and these are;

  1. Milland Valley Memorial Hall, Iping Road, Milland, Sussex, GU30 7NA
  2. Rake Village Hall, Brewells Lane, Rake, Sussex, GU33 7JA
  3. The Triangle Centre, Mill Road, Liss, Hants, GU33 7DX