Ottershaw Series

The ‘Provisional’ Ottershaw Series Calendar for 2021

The Ottershaw series and a series of races held late during October and signifies the end of the Surrey League racing calendar. Three 60 mile races make up the series with an overall winner at the end of race 3.


All 3 races are open to E/1/2/3 riders and have a start time of 11:00 am with the race HQ being Brook Hall in Ottershaw. A short neutralised section leads to either the Ottershaw circuit or the Kitsmead/Staple Hill circuit.  You can either enter these events ‘On-the-Day’ or via Rider HQ.

Event and Promoting Club: Date: Course
Race 1 – TBC 10th October Ottershaw
Race 2 – TBC 17th October Kitsmead Lane/Staple Hill
Race 3 – THC 24th October Kitsmead Lane/Staple Hill
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