SERRL Calendar 2020

SERRL Weekend Road Race Calendar 2020 (Provisional)

For the 2020 season the Surrey Cycle Racing League will go back to having a reciprocal agreement with the South East Road Race League (SERRL). Members of one League may ride events in the other League without having to join both Leagues.

This agreement will allow Surrey Cycle Racing League members to enter South East Road Race League events at the discounted costs and they will get early bird entry.

The South East Road Race League will be going back to member club’s being allocated events to run on their behalf as the Surrey Cycle Racing League does.

South East Road Race League events will run on days when there are no Surrey Cycle Racing League events allowing members of both Leagues to fully benefit from the agreement.

Please note; all events require you to enter via RiderHQ.

Date RiderHQ Link Time Course
1st March Enter – 3rds 09:30 Biddenden
1st March Enter – 2/3 13:30 Biddenden
5th April 3 09:30 Kenardington
5th April 2/3 13:30 Kenardington
3rd May 3 09:30 Benenden/Cranbrook
3rd May 2/3 13:30 Benenden/Cranbrook
7th June 4W/3W/4/3 09:30 Betteshanger
7th June 2/3 13:30 Betteshanger
12th July E/1/2/3 09:30 Chilham
1st August 2/3 09:30 Lingfield
6th September 3 09:30 Horsemonden
6th September 2/3 13:30 Horsemonden
3rd October E/1/2/3 09:30 Benenden/Sandhurst

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