Surrey League Kirdford Road Circuit

The Kirdford circuit is pictured below and is also available on Strava to view: Kirdford Circuit

The course is held on rural roads with just a 100m section along the B2113. From the village of Plaistow you descend down to the village of Kirdford (parked cars may be present) then the long drag begins once the turn into Skiff lane has been made.

The finish is located at the top of a climb between Ifold and Plaistow along Loxwood road (not as pictured).

The circuit measures 9.8 miles in length and is either used as a Thursday evening Handicap event or weekend road race.

The circuit has 3 HQ’s at its disposal and these are;

  1. Alford Crossways Hall, Dunsfold Road, Alford, Surrey, GU6 8JB
  2. Loxwood Sports Association, Plaistow Road, Loxwood, Billinghirst, West Sussex, RH14 0SX
  3. North Hall, Guildford Road, Loxwood, Sussex, RH14 0SF