5. Surrey Cycle Racing League By-Laws

5.1 Membership shall be open to Clubs that are affiliated to the BCF Surrey Area or to other Areas bordering Surrey.

5.1.1 If a club/team has 3 or more riders riding Surrey League events, that club/team must join the League

5.2 Affiliated clubs shall be given the option of re-joining at the end of each season prior to any new club being accepted.

5.3 Club Affiliation Fees shall be £60.00 per year for clubs promoting events on behalf of the League.

5.3.1 Club Affiliation Fees shall be £750.00 per year for clubs who do not promote events on behalf of the League.

5.4 Each Club shall promote 2 events on a day(s) of their choice but selected from the previously agreed list.

5.4.1 Clubs with over 25 members having raced the previous season shall promote 3 events on a day(s) of their choice but selected from the previously agreed list.

5.5 The events will consist of races of 40 – 60 km’s. for 4th Category only; 75 – 110 km’s. for 3rd Category; 90 – 130 km’s. for 2nd/3rd Categories; 110 km’s + for races open to 1st Category riders; and 50 – 80 km’s for mixed handicaps. The Championship shall be over 100 – 110 km’s.

5.6 Each promoting Club shall be responsible for providing vehicles for Lead Cars, Chief and Assistant Commissaries all at their own expense. Sufficient manpower must be available on the day for all official duties and marshalling. No rider from a promoting club will be allowed to start unless these criteria are met. The Club must be prepared to supply its own flags and race material as may be necessary but they may be borrowed from the League on payment for, or replacement, of any losses.

5.7 Each club must appoint an Organiser and a Safety Officer who shall be responsible to the League for ensuring his Club fulfils its promotional obligations.

5.8 The Organiser shall perform all duties normally expected of him as required by the BCF Technical Regulations except those that are specifically undertaken by the League.

5.8.1 All race organisers are expected to attend a BCF Organisers Seminar before they organise a race on behalf of the Surrey League.

5.9 The League will liaise with the BCF Regions to obtain Police approval for courses, arrange BCF Permits and Insurance Cover, receive entries and forward details to the organiser.

5.10 The League will pay all BCF Permit Fees, Race Levies and Prize Values.

5.11 The League will issue to all Organisers and Club Representatives a copy of its Fixture List containing Calendar of Events, Dates, Courses, Event HQ’s, Times of Start, Distances and Points Scales. The Fixture List will replace Start Sheets but Results will be made available on the League’s website (www.surreyleague.co.uk).

5.12 Each Club must appoint a Club Representative, who shall be responsible for the generally liaising between their riders and the League.

5.13 The League is open to First Claim Members of Affiliated Clubs only.

5.13.1 4th category riders must attend two approved training sessions before they may enter any Surrey League events.

5.14 All eligible riders must be registered with the League.

5.15 There is no limit to the number of Registered Riders per club and additional riders may be registered at any time during the season.

5.16 To Register with the League a Rider must first complete the online Registration Form, pay the joining fee online and forward a passport sized photograph for a membership card. Riders can only register online.

5.16.1 Registration fees for riders from affiliated clubs/teams are Youth £5.00, Junior £12.50, Lady £12.50, Senior £25.00.

5.16.2 Riders from Non affiliated clubs/teams or Private Members may not affiliate to the League unless they are a Commissaire, Accredited Marshal or NEG rider officiating at Surrey League events.

5.16.3 Riders from Non affiliated clubs/teams or Private Members may form a Surrey League Private Team and affiliate to the Surrey League so long as they conform to rule 5.4.

5.17 Pre-entry for League Races shall be restricted to Registered Riders until 21 days to go.

5.18 Each Affiliated Rider shall be entitled to pre-enter any road event up to 2 months in advance.

5.19 Club’s may enter any number of riders per race on a first come first served basis. If less than a full field is received by 21 days prior ALL entries will be included on the Signing On Sheet. The League reserves the right to limit the number of riders from one club in any event.

5.20 Entry must be made via the online entry system not later than 21 days prior to the Event. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of a Club’s guaranteed entitlement.

5.21 Entry shall be made via the League’s online entry system. The appropriate Entry Fee (including BCF levy) must be paid on entry.

5.21.1 Any rider requesting a refund for their entry fee within 21 days of the event may be charged a % of the entry fee as a handling fee.

5.21.2 A rider may transfer his entry to another League event that has available space at any time.

5.22 Riders who have entered in advance but have not signed on may be replaced by other riders 20 minutes before the Start.

5.23 Further vacancies caused by either non-starters or short entry shall be filled by any other Registered Rider (£22.00), or a Non-Registered Rider (£27.00) on a first come first served basis. The Organiser shall be responsible for collecting this and remitting it to the League.

5.24 Those wishing to claim an entry on the line must ensure that the Signing-on Clerk has their Licence, Registration Card and Entry Fee before the 20-minute deadline.

5.25 Riders shall compete in their Registered Club Jersey and their clothes shall be free from unauthorised advertising.

5.26 Registered Riders over 40 years of age must ride in their own ability category.

5.26.1 1st category veteran riders from affiliated clubs are permitted to ride 2nd category events.

5.27 Juniors may ride League Events in their own ability category.

5.28 Racing Riders who are behind the main field with one lap to go will be withdrawn only by the Chief Judge or Commissaire. They are deemed to have finished and they will be placed according to their position on the road. Riders who stop of their volition are deemed to have abandoned the race and are not placed.

5.29 Day Licenses. Members of Affiliated Clubs may take advantage of this facility. If they win Points they will be expected to purchase full BCF Membership, License and Surrey League Registration.

5.30 Entry Fees for Registered Riders from affiliated clubs. Saturday and Sunday races will be £22.00 in advance and £22.00 on the line. Evening Handicaps (£22.00), Wednesday & Friday at Dunsfold Park (£17.00) will be ‘entry-on-the-line’ only.

5.30.3 Entry Fees for Non-Registered Riders. Saturday and Sunday races will be £27.00 in advance and £27.00 on the line. Evening Handicaps (£27.00), Wednesday & Friday at Dunsfold Park (£22.00) will be ‘entry-on-the-line’.

5.30.4 Registered Riders must produce their Membership Card to take advantage of the discounted entry fees.

5.31 No entries in advance can be made for Evening Dunsfold Park events.

5.32 Posters advertising your race(s) must be in place at least 10 days before on Public Notice Boards in Post Offices and Pubs and on trees and telegraph poles around the course(s).

5.33 The League has arranged professional First Aid cover but a First Aider with minimum qualifications and a First Aid box should be available at race HQ or finish line for minor abrasions etc.

5.34 The Technical Regulations of the British Cycling Federation (BCF) will apply at all times.

5.35 Prizes will be the form of Points. The value of Points won or lost shall be determined by dividing the Total Income of the League, less expenses, by the number of Points Won.
Scale A – E/1/2/3 road events.
Scale B – 1/2/3 road events & handicap championship.
Scale C – 2/3 road events & handicap road events.
Scale D – 3rd category road events.
Scale E – CycloPark, MOD Chertsey (Longcross Test Track), Dunsfold Park circuit events & Time Trials.
Scale F – Youth events.

Position Scale A Scale B Scale C Scale D Scale E Scale F
1st 25 20 15 15 10 10
2nd 20 16 12 12 8 9
3rd 15 13 10 10 7 8
4th 12 10 8 8 6 7
5th 10 8 7 7 5 6
6th 9 7 6 6 4 5
7th 8 6 5 5 3 4
8th 8 6 5 4 3 3
9th 7 5 4 3 2 2
10th 7 5 4 2 2 1
11th – 14th 6 4 3 1 1 1
15th – 20th 5 3 2 1 1 1
21st – 30th 4 2 1 1 1 1
31st – last 1 1 1 1 1 1

In all events Non-finishers score Minus one (-1) Point.

Non-starters score Minus three (-3) Points.

In all Road Races, a Prime may be awarded (2 Points) for the first rider over the line (or agreed point) on various laps other than the last lap.

In Handicap Events Two (+2) Bonus Points will be awarded to the first Lady, Junior, Veteran, 4th Category, 3rd Category and 2nd category rider.

If more than FIVE (5) Ladies are competing then separate points may be awarded for them.