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With racing now in full swing, members can now race at least twice a week for the next 12 weeks or so. Members can choose to race on Wednesday evenings in the Vets and/or Thursday evenings as regards the Handicap series or Friday evenings at either the stolen goat Women’s series or the Precise Performance 4th cat series.

Whatever you decided to do, racing is available for you so please support these events where possible. Please note that women riders can ride any of the events named above, not just at the stolen goat Women’s series.

Cancelled Event

Unfortunately, the next round of the Handicap series, held at South Nutfield on the 16th May, has had to be cancelled due to roadworks on the course.

New Events to Enter

More events have been added to RiderHQ and are listed below as NEW.

May 3-Day Stage Race

Last bank holiday weekend saw 60 riders tackle the Surrey League 3-Day stage race, which was a huge success that involved a lot of people. A massive ‘Thank You’ goes go out to all the clubs/teams, their helpers family and friends, and the officials for making this happen. Also a big ‘thank you’ to the riders also for entering and treating everybody with respect and giving the public a show to watch.

winners of stage race

A full list of results and photographs can be found on our website

Weekend Road Events – UPDATED

NEW – 9th June – Unknown Rider Development Squad promotes their event on the Barcombe circuit for 3rd cat riders. Start time is 9.30 am with race distance being approx. 57 miles. The event is open on RiderHQ if you wish to enter.

23rd June – VC Godalming & Haslemere promote two events on the Cutmill circuit. A morning 60-mile road race for 3rds is then duly followed by the 2nd/3rd cat race in the afternoon. Entry into these events is open via RiderHQ.

NEW – 14th July – Southdowns Bikes promote two events on the Chiddingfold circuit. The morning event catering for 3rd cat riders whilst the afternoon event caters for 2nd/3rd cat riders. Entries open on the 14th May via RiderHQ.

NEW – 21st July – London Dynamo promote two events on the Dunsfold circuit. The morning event catering for 3rd cat riders whilst the afternoon event caters for 2nd/3rd cat riders. Entries open on the 21st May via RiderHQ.

NEW – 11th August – Redhill CC promote a single event for 3rd cat riders on the Norwood Hill circuit. Entry is via RiderHQ but not until 11th June

Thursday Evening Handicap Racing – UPDATED

The evening Handicap series is now in full swing with races planned every week for the next 12 weeks (not including next week as this event is cancelled).

If you are new to Handicap racing, this is how it works. Each of the events is held on a Thursday evening starting at approx. 19:15 pm. They are open to all ability categories including Vets, Juniors and Women. The slowest riders, usually category driven, are set off first with faster riders starting after in various ability groups (equally spaced in time) with the E/1 last to leave. Surrey League bonus points are available for the first 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Vet, Junior and Women riders and will count towards the overall rankings.

Below are the next available handicap events which you can enter via RiderHQ if you wish.

  1. Enter event #4 – 16th May – CANCELLED
  2. Enter event #5 – 23rd May (Pearson CC) on the Ottershaw circuit
  3. Enter event #6 – 30th May (Dorking CC) on the Charlwood circuit
  4. Enter event #8 – 13th June (Paceline RT) on the Newdigate circuit
  5. Enter event #9 – 20th June (East Grinstead CC) on the Newchapel circuit
  6. Enter event #10 – 27th June (URDS) on the Laughton circuit
  7. Enter event #11 – 4th July (VC de Londres) on the South Nutfield circuit
  8. Enter event #12 – 11th July (Paceline RT) on the Newdigate circuit
  9. Enter event #13 – 18th July (Sussex Revolution VC) on the Wivelsfield circuit
  10. Enter event #14 – 25th July (Charlotteville CC) on the Kitsmead Lane circuit

Dunsfold Park Racing

Racing will be held twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday evening) for the next 13 weeks (1 week a midweek break) and caters for Women (3rd/4th), 4th cats, and Vets. Racing starts at 7 pm.

For new members who have not raced around the circuit or know of its location, our website page will hopefully explain where the venue is located, which gate to enter (and leave), plus the evenings sign-on and car parking areas.

stolen goat Women’s Series (Dunsfold Park)

Stolen Goat have kindly sponsored Women’s racing around Dunsfold Park on Friday evenings by awarding each race winner a single prize (you must be a Surrey League member to claim this prize). As well as providing each race winner with this prize, stolen goat has also kindly sponsored the top three podium positions for the overall rankings at the end of the year. These prizes will be awarded at our 2019 AGM/Prize Presentation and in the form of a voucher – 1st place £100.00, 2nd place £75.00, and 3rd place £50.00.

More details about the stolen goat Women’s Series as regards timings, race dates, and race length, can be found on our website, but as mentioned, if you want a chance to win the prize and also be in the running for the 3 podium prizes (plus others), you must be a Surrey League member.

Precise Performance 4th cat Series (Dunsfold Park)

Precise Performance has kindly sponsored 4th cat racing around Dunsfold Park on Friday evenings by awarding each race winner a single prize (you must be a Surrey League member to claim the prize). This prize will be awarded on the night of the race and a photo will be required at the end also.

More details about the Precise Performance 4th cat Series as regards timings, race dates, and race length, can be found on our website, but as mentioned, if you want a chance to win the prize, you must be a Surrey League member.

Vets Series (Dunsfold Park)

Wednesday evening sees the Vets series being held at Dunsfold Park. Racing began at 7 pm with riders arriving around 5:30 pm. New for 2019, instead of two age groups (40+ and 50+) being within the main race, this year there will be three (40+, 50+, and 60+). As usual, each age category will be treated as their own individual race with full results and Surrey League points awarded.

More details about the Vets Series as regards timings, race dates, and race length, can be found on our website.

Novice Race Preparation Training Sessions – UPDATED

Please remember that if you are new to the Surrey League, and a 4th cat male/female rider, you will need to complete 2 Novice Race Preparation Training Sessions before being allowed to race with us. Once passed, you’ll be given an accreditation card which you must bring with you to your events as well as your Surrey League and BC race licenses.

A few years ago, the Surrey League introduced ‘Race Preparation Training Sessions’. These have the aim of introducing basic and advanced group riding skills to all novice 4th cat riders (men and women) so they are more prepared for competitive racing. They are run by qualified British Cycling coaches, with the help of a number of experienced riders, on various traffic-free circuits in the Surrey area.

More details are available on our website and you can enter the sessions via RiderHQ.

The next session available is;

Race Calendars

The race calendars are live on our website and are continually changing, but we must stress that the Handicap and Weekend events are still provisional only.







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