Welcome to 2020

The Surrey League hopes that you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities, and any extended time off work, but now as we start our journey into 2020, we have opened the rider membership, as well as club/team affiliation.

We have some early events in March (see below) with riders already getting their names on the start list, so if you are wanting to race either of these events, then please join the league making sure your club/team has also affiliated (this needs to be done first).

Prize Presentation and Review of 2019

Our Prize Presentation and Review of 2019 will be held at Cranleigh Arts Centre in Cranleigh very close to Dunsfold Park. The event starts at midday and if attending you can arrive early and get yourself a cuppa before the proceedings start.

We plan on finishing at 3 pm and if you’re intending on coming along, could you please show your intention via the link provided. One last thing, if you are coming and intending to ride to the event, please note that your bike can be stored inside the building safely whilst the presentation takes place.

The Racing Season begins in March

Saturday 7th March will kick off the SL racing season with 2 events on the Dunsfold circuit. A 3rd cat race will take place in the morning with riders covering approx 50 miles. This is followed by a 2/3 race in the afternoon (1 pm start time) and provides riders 60 miles to cover. Events promoted by Kingston Wheelers.

The following weekend, Sunday 15th March, sees 2 more events being held but on the Kirdford circuit. A 3rd cat race takes place in the morning with riders covering approx 50 miles. This is followed by a 2/3 race in the afternoon (1 pm start time) and provides riders 60 miles to cover. Please note, these events open on the 15th January. Events promoted by Brighton Mitre.

Crawley Wheelers forcing the issue

Racing for 4th Cats

Please note that within the Surrey League, 4th cat racing is provided by the Precise Performance 4th cat series, held at Dunsfold Park, and via any of the 14 Handicap events. 4th cat riders are not permitted to race any of our weekend road events at either of the 3rds or 2nd/3rds races.

More details on the Precise Performance 4th cat series and Handicap series can be found on our website.

4th cat riders during the Precise Performance race

Racing for Women

The Surrey League provides a varied calendar of events for you to compete in, depending on your ability level and confidence, but of Friday evenings there is a dedicated series available for 3rd or 4th cat (novice) women. This series is called the ‘stolen goat Women series’ and is held at Dunsfold Park with races distances being 27 miles in length. More details on the stolen goat Women’s series can be found on our website.

If a higher category, or 3rd or 4th, then you can ride any of the Handicap events, Vets races (Dunsfold Park) or weekend road event but please remember that is you wish to gain any BC points you’ll need to finish with the men in the top 10. You’ll still get SL points regardless of finishing position though.

Women competing in a Handicap event

The Surrey League 2020 Calendar

All of our planned events for 2020 are listed on our website. Each of the different types of series that are available, Handicap series, Vets series, etc, will now have their own web page and will display dates, courses, and the promoting clubs.

Each web page is accessible from the new ‘Race Calendar’ link located in the main navigation along the top of the page. As always, these dates remain provisional, but BC has now approved these so as far as we are concerned, they are good.

The South East Road Race League (SERRL) and the Surrey Cycle Racing League (SCRL)

For the 2020 season, the Surrey Cycle Racing League will go back to having a reciprocal agreement with the South East Road Race League (SERRL). Members of one league may ride events in the other league without having to join both leagues. This agreement will allow SCRL members to enter SERRL events at discounted costs and they will get early bird entry.

The SERRL will be going back to member club’s being allocated events to run on their behalf as the SCRL does. SERRL events will run on days when there are no SCRL events allowing members of both leagues to fully benefit from the agreement. Details of their racing calendar can be found on our website.

Novice Racers Training Days

Two more new dates have been added as regards the Novice Racers Training Days (8th and 23rd of February) and if new to the Surrey League, and a 4th cat male/female rider, novices will need to complete 2 of these sessions before being allowed to race Surrey League/SERRL events. Once passed, riders will be given an accreditation card that must be brought to events as well as a Surrey League and/or BC race license.

These sessions have been designed to introduce basic and advanced group riding skills to prepare novices for competitive racing. They are run by qualified British Cycling coaches, with the help of a number of experienced riders, on various traffic-free circuits in the Surrey area.

If you know of friends/club or teammates who wish to race any Surrey League or SERRL events next year, please let them know of the dates available.

The next sessions available are;







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