Results from the 1st round of the Handicap Series. The event was promoted by Charlotteville CC using the Kitsmead Lane circuit with 65 riders taking to the start line.

1st Max O’Connor, Thames Velo
2nd Ryan Peirce, Surrey Hills CycleWorks
3rd Frank Bauer, TVS
4th Mark Bremner, VC Meudon
5th Mark Nuttall, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
6th Simon Mumme, Paceline RT
7th Greta Cowen, Les Filles Racing Team
8th Richard Pearce, Paceline RT
9th Neil Houldey, Dorking CC
10th Oliver East, Twickenham CC
11th Harry Hardy, Thames Velo
12th Justin Thomas, Dorking CC
13th Joe Naylor, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
14th Philip Gallagher, VC Meudon
15th Seb Ashton, Kingston Wheelers
16th Julian Enticknap, VC Godalming & Haslemere
17th Chris Wood, VC Meudon
18th Tim Powell, VC Godalming & Haslemere
19t Alex Payton, Canyon Dhb
20th Stefan Gloyn, Army CU
21st Grant Fraser, Paceline RT
22nd Mark Gower, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
23rd Warren Jesse, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
24th Tim Whitehead, Oxted CC
25th Jake Roe, Private Member
26th Jon Shillingford, Thames Velo
27th Robert Attreed, Thames Velo
28th Dean Hendry, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
29th Shaun King, Kingston Wheelers
30th Jamie Olsson, Giro Race Team
31st James Bradley, Twickenham CC
32nd Jack Wyllie, TAAP Cervelo
33rd Nick Martin, Team ASL
34th Jacob Clapp, Jam Cycling RT
35th Ollie Rastall, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
36th David Creeggan, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
37th James Nicholson, Surrey Hills CycleWorks
38th Paul Burton, Paceline RT
39th Piers James, Jam Cycling RT
40th Chris Wright, Charlotteville CC
41st Oliver Richardson, Twickenham CC
42nd Ben Voller, Twickenham CC
43rd Thomas Whatley, Paceline RT
44th Dominic Wilson, Kingston Wheelers
45th Matthew Halvatzis, Addiscombe CC
46th OLI Woodcock, VC Godalming & Haslemere
47th Fergus Brady, PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
48th Theo Bugg, Jam Cycling RT
49th Moustafa Fawzy, Paceline RT
50th Alex Yeldham, VC Meudon
51st David Douse, PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
52nd Coman Doyle, Twickenham CC
53rd Edward Cabot, Kingston Wheelers
54th Paul Lewis, Southdown Velo
55th Rufus Greenway, Twickenham cycling club
56th Sean Furley, Oxted CC
57th Andrew Lindsay, Surrey Hills CycleWorks
58th Albert Ellison, VC Meudon
59th Ross Ovens, VC Godalming & Haslemere
DNF Lee Higlett, 1904 RT
DNF Adam D’Arcy, Kingston Wheelers
DNF Duncan Jensen, Paceline RT
DNF Lee Smith, Sigma Sport
DNF Jonathan Dobson, VC Godalming & Haslemere
DNF Matthew Davies, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
DNS Alex Randall, Twickenham CC
DNS Peter Chapman, Thames Velo

Bonus Points
1st 4th Neil Houldey, Dorking CC
1st 3rd Max O’Connor, Thames Velo
1st 2nd Stefan Gloyn, Army CU
1st J N/A
1st W Greta Cowen, Les Filles Racing Team
1st V Frank Bauer, TVS