With the 2024 Surrey League season fast approaching our first event of the year will be at Dunsfold for 2nd & 3rd category women on March 10th.

We spoke to Grace Davies of Project 51 to get her views on the course and how she is preparing for the event.

Q1. Having participated in this event for the past two years, could you share your experiences from those races?

Grace. Kingston Wheelers have put on a fantastic day of racing in both the last two years I have raced this race. The Kingston Wheelers are so friendly and welcoming and the organisation has been brilliant!

Q2. What are your impressions of the course? Are there any sections you particularly enjoy or find challenging?

Grace. The course is a safe but challenging course, whilst not being too hard. The finishing climb, off the circuit, allows for an exciting finish.

Q3.  How has your preparation been going in the lead up to this race?

Grace. Training has been alongside university this year and has been going well, I am excited for the first road race of the season!

Q4.  What’s been the hardest challenge for you this winter on or off the bike?

Grace. I’m sure many can agree that it has been a long old winter! My biggest challenge has probably been moving to university, juggling the workload and training!

Q5.  Looking back at the 2023 season, did it go to plan or were there challenges from time to time?

Grace. There were definitely challenges but it’s all part of bike racing, I leant a lot last season and am looking forward to the season ahead.

Q6.  Are there any events this season that you are targeting in particular?

Grace.  I would like to get stuck in to some of the national series this year and get back out to Belgium. There is also the BUCS Road Race championships which I will race for the first time.

Q7.  What advice would you offer to riders who are considering racing for the first time?

Grace.  I know it is easier said than done, but get racing! There is only so much you can do whilst training, all the learning comes from being in the bunch, watching more experienced riders and what they do and just learning how the bunch works!