Weekend Road Race Events

Apart from the Handicap series, the only other events that are held on the public highway are the weekend road race events. These events are usually held on a Sunday with a 3rd cat race in the morning (start 09:30) followed by a 2nd/3rd cat race in the afternoon (start 13:30) and promoted by the same club/team. On rare occasions, a race may be held on a Saturday but limited to one race only (Saturday morning).

Please note that if organising a weekend road race, then both races use the same HQ, NEG, and race circuit and promoters, volunteers, etc will, most probably, be present almost all day. Also, there will be a busy crossover period as when one race finishes and people return to the HQ, riders racing the 2nd event will be arriving.

Road race events are usually held between the months of March to November and use a variety of circuits with most of the 3rd cat races  attracting a full field of 60 riders. The afternoon events usually have less attending.

Riders can enter On-the Day, but the majority enter via RiderHQ.

What to do
If you want to organise a weekend road race then the first thing you need to do is choose a circuit, which is local to you and your club/team and book an available race date with Glyn. Once you have specifically asked for a date and course, and the Surrey League has confirmed this with you, then you’ll need to let your club/team members know so they can pre-book the date well in advance.

Running a road race is very similar to a Handicap event, but with a few differences such as the HQ will be hired for the day, NEG will be present rider numbers will be much greater. Each road race event requires the organiser to follow certain procedures though, which are listed below, to enable a correctly run event.

Road Race Procedure
Lead Car Procedure
Marshalling Procedure

Further forms (pdf) you will require;

  1. Pre-race notice form
  2. Officials Sign on sheets
  3. BC Radio sign-out form
  4. Each rider will be sent this, but great to have at the event: RaceSmart
  5. Finish area set up
  6. Flags

Further Notes – the Surrey League will organise the following;

  1. Advising the Police of the event(s)
  2. Registering the event with British Cycling
  3. Organising a permit(s) that will be sent to the promoter
  4. Organising an Insurance certificate if the promoter requires one
  5. Doing a generic risk assessment of the course to be used (copy will be sent to promoter0
  6. Booking and paying for NEG
  7. Booking and paying for First Aid
  8. Booking and paying for a Commissaire
  9. Booking and paying for an Assistant Commissaire
  10. Setting up online entry (RiderHQ)
  11. Collating signing on sheets
  12. Emailing signing on sheets to promoters
  13. Send results to British Cycling

The Courses
As mentioned, the Surrey League has many courses at its disposal each with their own race HQ’s.  Details about the courses can be found on the website under the link, in the top navigation, called “Road Courses“.

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