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For the Surrey League, some series are coming to a close. Next week sees the last in the Vets series at Dunsfold Park and the same goes for the Handicap series. Due to the cancellation of the stolen goat woman’s and Precise Performance 4th cat series last week, these series will not end next week but 1 week later on August 2nd.

This weekend sees London Dynamo promoting two events on the Dunsfold circuit. Two races will take place with a 3rd cat race in the morning followed by the 2nd/3rd cat race in the afternoon. Dunsfold is a favourite of many and usually means that the racing will be quick and pretty busy.

A full field fills the start sheet for the 3rd cat race with 8 places being taken by Paceline RT. They are closely followed by Kingston Wheelers who bring 6 and Sussex Revolution bringing 5.

The afternoon event sees 49 pre-entered riders taking to the start line with no club dominating the start sheet. That said, Paceline RT has pre-entered 5 riders into the race with MB Cyclery entering 4. Places are available if you want to enter on the day.

Handicap Events

The last round of the Surrey League Handicap series will be held on Thursday 25th July on the Kitsmead lane circuit and thanks to Charlotteville CC. Online entry is available via RiderHQ, but you can still enter on the day if you wish.

The last evening Handicap event is shown below;

  1. Enter event #14 – 25th July (Charlotteville CC) on the Kitsmead Lane circuit

If you are new to Handicap racing, this is how it works. Each of the events is held on a Thursday evening starting at approx. 19:15 pm. They are open to all ability categories including Vets, Juniors and Women. The slowest riders, usually category driven, are set off first with faster riders starting after in various ability groups (equally spaced in time) with the E/1 last to leave.

Surrey League bonus points are available for the first 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Vet, Junior and Women riders and will count towards the overall rankings.

Weekend Road Racing

The last remaining road race events are listed below;

11th August – Redhill CC promote a single event for 3rd cat riders on the Norwood Hill circuit. Entry is via RiderHQ.

18th August – Crawley Wheelers promote 2 events on the Sharpthorne circuit. The morning event catering for 3rd cat riders whilst the afternoon event caters for 2nd/3rd cat riders. You can enter these events via RiderHQ.

31st August – Addiscombe CC promote the annual 4-up Team Time Trial Championships. The event will be held on the Alford/Kirdford circuit, but this might change nearer the time. Enter via RiderHQ.

8th September – Sussex Revolution will be promoting a single event for 2nd/3rd cat riders on the Barcombe circuit. You can enter this event via RiderHQ.

15th September – Norwood Paragon will be promoting the annual Handicap Championships on the traditional circuit of Kirdford. Entry will open on the 15th July via RiderHQ.

6th October – Meudon-Pedal Heaven LeCol will be promoting a single event for 2nd/3rd cat riders on the Seale circuit. Entry does not open until 6th August, via RiderHQ, but you can join a waiting list if you wish.

Dunsfold Park Racing

Racing is held twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday evening) up until 24th July for Vets and 2nd August (revised date) for Women and 4th cats with racing commencing at 7 pm. If you are new to the Surrey League and have not raced around the circuit or know of its location, our website page will hopefully explain where the venue is located, which gate to enter (and leave), plus the evenings sign-on and car parking areas.

Below are links which explain the three series which are held at Dunsfold Park;

  1. Vets Series
  2. stolen goat Women’s Series
  3. Precise Performance 4th cat Series

Novice Race Preparation Training Sessions

Please remember that if you are new to the Surrey League, and a 4th cat male/female rider, you will need to complete 2 Novice Race Preparation Training Sessions before being allowed to race with us. Once passed, you’ll be given an accreditation card which you must bring with you to your events as well as your Surrey League and BC race licenses.

They are run by qualified British Cycling coaches, with the help of a number of experienced riders, on various traffic-free circuits in the Surrey area. More details are available on our website and you can enter the sessions via RiderHQ.

The next available session is;







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