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Race Preparation, Coaching and Training.
BC membership not required.

It is your responsibility (or that of a parent/guardian/carer if under the age of 18) to provide the coach with written details of any medical or health conditions. Please note that a coach is unable to provide guidance or make decisions relating to medical or health conditions.

If under 18 please request a Parental Consent Form from before attending.

All Riders must take a number and Sign On.

Your Bike – check before you arrive:

  1.  Brakes and Gears work properly.
  1. Tyres are in a good safe condition and inflated to the correct pressure.
  1. Overall your bike must be in a safe condition.
  1. No mudguards or Splash Guards are allowed.
  1. No tri-bars are allowed [dangerous in a group riding accident.]
  1. Handle Bar Ends Plugged


  1. Helmet mandatory.
  2. The weather can be inclement this time of year; bring clothing suitable for wet or cold weather, and a change of clothing.
  3. We recommend you change your clothes after riding for the Lecture.


  1. Arrive in time; we will start promptly at 9AM.
  2. The Clubhouse has male and female changing rooms and toilets and Lockers. There are showers in the “Goals” building.
  3. Do not leave your bike unattended, particularly in the “Goals” car park.
  4. We advise you to Lock your Bike to the stands or Railings.
  5. When on the Circuit be alert for pedestrians who may stray on to the Circuit.
  6. Please park in the ‘Goals’ car park.

We at Prime Coaching hope you enjoy and benefit from the session.

David Lambourne

Prime Coaching

All 4th Category riders must attend 2 Novice Racers Coaching Days before they are allowed to ride in any Surrey League or SERRL events.  This system was introduced by the Surrey League in 2015 and it has proven to be extremely successful in improving riders skills, knowledge, bike handling, confidence and expertise.
If you have already attended two Surrey League Coaching Days then they will be accepted by the SERRL so you don’t need to repeat this process.  If you have already attended just one session then you will need to attend a second, with either league.