During 2018 a group of riders will join forces and compete in various stage races representing the Surrey League as a 5-man team. The team will compete in various events, both in the UK and Ireland, and will be managed by John Heaton-Armstrong or Chris McNamara (depending on race location) and aided by Amanda Clifford where possible.
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Surrey League Team

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The team, with ability levels ranging from Elite to 2nd cat, will include Chris McNamara, James Boyman, Joe Hill, Lawrence Carpenter, and Dylan Thomas with each bringing a wealth of race experience, strengths, and commitment to the team.
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The Riders;

Chris (1st cat) is the oldest rider of the team and no virgin as regards stage racing in Ireland, or UK for that matter. His racing experience is extensive and couple this with his super dedication and fitness, plus his ability to read a race perfectly, means you can’t put much passed him. Loves all manner of stage racing as well as hard 1-day events and if the course is hilly/grippy, then he is in his element. Racing since 12, now 40ish, he has clocked up plenty of wins with two of his best being a stage in the Tour of the South and a stage in the Surrey 5-Day.

Lawrence (Elite) rides for Ribble Pro Cycling and guesting for the league during the Ras Mumhan (stage race in Ireland). His strengths lie in his ability to adapt quickly and ride strongly over hilly terrain especially during a stage race. Like Chris, Lawrence has gained a lot of racing experience both at home and abroad. Having got into cycling when 8 years old, he soon took to the sport and rapidly grew to Elite level collecting wins along the way.

Joe Hill (1st) is the youngest member of the team at 18. When not wearing a Surrey League jersey, Joe rides full time for Team KTM UK. Riding since a youngster Joe had a slow start as regards training and racing, but soon realised he had the talent to ride well and get the results he wanted. Joe loves to take in long training rides, preferably on rolling roads, and this shows as one of his strengths – lone breakaways on rolling terrain. Being 18 Joe has plenty of time to increase his experience and further his cycling ambitions.

James Boyman (2nd cat) rides for Surrey based Hoops Velo (Farnham). James’ strengths lies in his time trial abilities as well as performing well during hilly road races, but does confess that he does too much work on the front and aims to limit this as much as possible. James started racing at 12, but later on in life had to take some time off due to Testicular Cancer. He returned to racing in 2015 with some reasonable success and in 2016 James decided to go full time with his racing, but in 2017 broke his leg badly stopping him from racing for the first part of the year. He did though managed to salvage a decent second half of the 2017 season after his recovery and for 2018 aims to be injury/illness free so to further his possibilities.

Dylan Thomas (Elite) is 19 and rides for Nuun Sigma Sport RT. He has no outright rider strength, but classes himself as an all-rounder – Rouleur type of rider. By his own admission the only weakness he has is his ability to drink plenty of Guinness, but does enjoy the company of his mates especially on long training weekends up in the Brecon Beacons. In the past, Dylan has raced for Surrey based VC Meudon and competed in several races as a junior – winning the Surrey League junior series for 2016. Last year Dylan gained his Elite license and has since moved to Nuun Sigma Sports RT where he is hoping to achieve bigger ambitions as a senior rider.

For many years the Surrey League has given various riders, of 2nd cat level and above, a chance to compete in races that they would not normally consider. This could be for many reasons; cost, knowing about the events, getting other riders to commit, knowing the right contacts and so on, but because the league has gained great knowledge of the above, it still wants to give established riders the opportunity to be part of a team and compete in many great events/stage races (namely in Ireland).

We’ll keep you posted on their results as and when we get them.