Results from the 3rd cat race held on the Barcombe circuit, June 10th, and promoted by Unknown Rider Development Team

1st Finn Anderson-Grout, Brighton Mitre
2nd David Le Roux, Velo Sport Jersey
3rd Matt Bridge, Chaingang RT
4th Andy Martin, Kingston Wheelers
5th Jamie Olsson, Maison Du Velo
6th Dan Gohl, Nice Brew Cycling Club
7th Hugh Smith, Woolwich CC
8th Philip Palmer, Twickenham CC
9th Sam Stewart, Racing Club Ravenna
10th Matthew Williams, Abellio SFA Racing Team
11th Jack Dolny, Onyx Racing Team
12th Arun Koetsier, CASP
13th Lee Messenger, Abellio SFA Racing Team
14th Matthias Newsome, Handsling Racing
15th Thomas Wright, Wheelsuckers
16th Jan Grosicki, Sussex Revolution VC
17th Mark Perry, Vicious Velo
18th Ryan Machin, Crawley Wheelers
19th Dominic Wilson, Kingston Wheelers
20th Neil Kerr, Twickenham CC
21st Nigel Langridge, Crawley Wheelers
22nd Ed Francis, Paceline RT
23rd Shaun King, Kingston Wheelers
24th Jallani Qureshi, Crawley Wheelers
25th Iain Duncan, Crawley Wheelers
26th Nick Sturman, Sussex Revolution VC
27th Marek Shafer, Brighton Mitre
28th Matt Cleaver, Racing Club Ravenna
29th Henry Robertshaw, Paceline RT
30th Paolo Avagliano, London Dynamo
31st Jason Edwards, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
32nd Alex Dobiecki, Crawley Wheelers
33rd Chris Wright, Charlotteville CC
34th Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC
dnf Anthony Attwood, Abellio SFA Racing Team
dnf Marek Siwicki, Addiscombe CC
dnf Sam Bacon, Blazing Saddles
dnf Richard Moult, Brighton Mitre
dnf Stuart Evans, Crawley Wheelers
dnf John Correa, Crawley Wheelers
dnf Nicolas Verdier, Crawley Wheelers
dnf Valentino Fontana, Gemini BC
dnf Colin Smith, Gemini BC
dnf James Knighton, London Dynamo
dnf Max Kingdon, Paceline RT
dnf Darryl Rice, Racing Club Ravenna
dnf Tim Blackmore, Racing Club Ravenna
dnf Jon Bailie, Racing Club Ravenna
dnf Sam Horwill, Southdown Velo
dnf Stephen Chinn, Sussex Revolution VC
dnf James Harrison, Team Velo Sportif
dns Horatio Holloway, Brighton Mitre
dns Norman Blissett, In Gear
dns Brian Cronin, London Dynamo
dns Graham Winstanley, Sussex Revolution VC