2017 Surrey League Prize Presentation and Trophy Winners

Thank you to all who attended the Prize Presentation for the 2017 winners and champions today (3/12/17).

It was a great event that was held at Cranleigh Art Centre, in Cranleigh and proved to be a lovely venue with a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere which everybody enjoyed.

We began with a brief 2017 review, with Glyn detailing the financials and provisional calendar, then opened the floor to questions. After taking a 40 minute lunch, it was then time for the Prize Presentation, which was presented by the duo Craig Wilson and Ken Prince.

Our special guest award presenter was the young 2017 National Junior road champion, Louis Rose-Davies (wearing his national jersey), so a big thank you to him for taking time out of his training ride to present the awards.

The event finally came to a close around 2.45 pm.

Trophy Winners

Overall Rankings

1st  Gary Brind
2nd  Sebastian Lewis
2nd  Kevin Nelson

Overall Vet’s Rankings

1st  Gary Brind
2nd  Steve Calland
3rd  Craig Wilson

Overall Women’s Rankings

1st  Nikki Wheeler
2nd  Angela Radden-Rutt
3rd  Rachel Mckenzie

Overall Junior Rankings

1st  Edmund Bishop
2nd  Christopher Filewood
3rd  Joe Hill

Overall Handicap Rankings

1st  Sebastian Lewis
2nd  Kevin Nelson
3rd  Tim Whitehead

Overall Club Rankings

1st  VC Meudon

Dunsfold Park over 40s Rankings

1st  Steve Calland
2nd  Gary Brind
3rd  Simon McNamara

Dunsfold Park over 50s Rankings

1st  Craig Wilson
2nd  Gianluca Cappello
3rd  Dave Larcombe

Sussex Riders Rankings

1st  Mark Gower
2nd  Joe Hill
3rd  Kevin Nelson

Angmering Youth Boys Rankings 2017

1st  Alfie Bunyan
2nd  Jonny Edwards
3rd  Matt Edwards

Angmering Youth Girls Rankings 2017

1st  Amy Clarke