The 4th handicap event covered approx 30 miles on the South Nutfield circuit.

1st Kev Witton, Unknown Rider Development Team
2nd Marek Siwicki, Addiscombe CC
3rd Declan Egan, Kingston Wheelers
4th Henry James, Crawley Wheelers
5th Stefan Gloyn, Addiscombe CC
6th Jamie Olsson, Maison Du Velo
7th Nick Martin, Crawley Wheelers
8th Lee Pendlebury, Crawley Wheelers
9th Chris Carroll, WyndyMilla
10th Gavin Ash, Worthing Excelsior
11th Jacob Clapp, Army Cycling Union
12th Matthew Halvatzis, Addiscombe CC
13th Kevin Nelson, Crawley Wheelers
14th Ross Mccracken, Unknown Rider Development Team
15th David McCarthy, VC de Londres
16th Chris Wright, Charlotteville CC
17th Max Kingdon, Paceline RT
18th Ryan Harris, Redhill Cycling Club
19th Grant Fraser, Paceline RT
20th Philip Glowinski, VC de Londres
21st Connor Billings, Addiscombe CC
22nd Simon Mitchell, The Cycle Room
23rd Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC
24th Andrew Pink, Wyndymilla
25th Richard Balfour, Addiscombe CC
26th Nigel Langridge, Crawley Wheelers
27th Steve Coombs, Sussex Revolution VC
28th Carl Farrell, Sussex Revolution VC
29th Christian Bright, VC de Londres
29th Luke de Quay, East Grinstead CC
29th Simon Bustamante-Dick, Twickenham CC
29th Matt Walters, Blazing Saddles
dnf Harry Franklin, In Gear RT
dnf Aaron Espin, London Dynamo

Bonus Points
1st 4th Simon Bustamante-Dick, Twickenham CC
1st 3rd Kev Witton, Unknown Rider Development Team
1st 2nd Declan Egan, Kingston Wheelers
1st J David McCarthy, VC de Londres
1st W n/a
1st V Marek Siwicki, Addiscombe CC