Sunday 12th August was the day that Redhill CC promoted their 3rd cat event on the Norwood Hill circuit. A full field was anticipated but come race day only 43 riders took to the start line. With the predicted rainy weather on the horizon, it was a welcome relief for both riders and members of Redhill CC that it remained dry for the duration of the race only to rain once it had finished.

1st Barney Clacy, Hargroves Ridley Montezumas
2nd Nick Sturman, Unknown Rider Development Team
3rd Marcos Hadley, London Dynamo
4th Jacek Nowosielski, London Dynamo
5th Dominic Wilson, Kingston Wheelers
6th Chris Jenkinson, WyndyMilla
7th William Hunnam, Islington CC
8th Ben Moores, Norwood Paragon CC
9th James Knighton, London Dynamo
10th Spencer Jackson, VC Meudon
11th Tom Vose, London Dynamo
12th Horatio Holloway, Brighton Mitre
13th Ross Mccracken, Unknown Rider Development Team
14th David Smith, Hoops Velo
15th Matthew Davies, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
16th Jamie Ford, Racing Club Ravena
17th Tijmen Schel, Crawley Wheelers
18th Pascal Roberts, The Cycle Room
19th Jallani Qureshi, Crawley Wheelers
20th Nigel Langridge, Crawley Wheelers
21st Sam Gregson, Velosport CC
22nd Dominic Maxwell, Worthing Excelsior
23rd Conor Clancy, Brighton Excelsior CC
24th Noah Faiers, The Cycle Room
25th Jonathan Steer, Addiscombe CC
26th James Bullen, Unknown Rider Development Team
27th Chris Wright, Charlotteville CC
28th Cliff Steele, Brixton Cycles
29th Adam Barrett, Unknown Rider Development Team
30th Ralph de Kanter, Norwood Paragon CC
31st Ryan Machin, Crawley Wheelers
32nd Jack Stevens, London Dynamo
33rd Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC
34th Paolo Avagliano, London Dynamo
35th St.John De-Zilva, WyndyMilla
dnf Edward Cabot, Kingston Wheelers
dnf Steven Hughes, Kingston Wheelers
dnf Dan Adams, Onyx Racing Team
dnf Guy Drabble, Private Member
dnf Stefan Gloyn, Addiscombe CC
dnf James Harrison, Team Velo Sportif
dnf Paul Atkinson, VC St Raphael
dnf Marek Shafer, Brighton Mitre
dns Richard Prebble, CC Basingstoke
dns Lee Hollingworth, Charlotteville CC
dns George Marshall, Kibosh
dns Harry Bunnell, Kingston Wheelers
dns Jack Dolny, Onyx Racing Team
dns Sam Walters, Paceline RT
dns Stephen Simpson, PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
dns Ben Howard, Private Member
dns Sam Stewart, Racing Club Ravenna
dns Andrew Greaves, Brixton Cycles