The 2018 Ottershaw series, promoted by Twickenham CC, only consisted of 2 events due to race 2 being cancelled because of a sportive event on the day (using the same roads). This was an unfortunate circumstance but rider health and safety had to come first and this was the best decision for all involved.

Ottershaw Series 2018 Overall on Points

1st Peter Allan WyndyMilla 18
2nd Jamie Francis Worx Factory Racing 19
2nd Adam Przedrzymirski London Dynamo 19
4th Edmund Bishop Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT 23
4th Joseph Donohue VCEquipe 23
6th Anthony Roberts Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT 24
7th Dean Corney Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT 31
8th Ian Bray Addiscombe CC 33

Race 3 – Results (14/10/18)

1st Simon Mumme, Paceline RT
2nd Pjotrs Suhovs, Paceline RT
3rd Joseph Donohue, VC Equipe
4th Louis Bilyard, LVYCC
5th Anthony Roberts, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
6th Adam Przedrzymirski, London Dynamo
7th Stuart Spies, Chaingang RT
8th Peter Allan, WyndyMilla
9th Mark Nuttall, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
10th Chris Martin, RMNC CC
11th Edmund Bishop, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
12th Robin Basford, WyndyMilla
13th Jamie Francis, Worx Factory Racing
14th Gavin Ash, Worthing Excelsior
15th Chris Jenkinson, WyndyMilla
16th Dean Corney, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal HeavDNFRT
17th Ian Bray, Addiscombe CC
DNF Tyler Lemmon, TBW Bottecchia
DNF Andrew Greaves, Brixton Cycles
DNF Harry Bunnell, Kingston Wheelers
DNS Jamie Olsson, Maison Du Ve
DNS Ross Chaplin, Onyx Racing Team
DNS Andrew Carter, Private Member
DNS Alex Ashman, Thanet RC Race Team
DNS Philip Palmer, Twickenham CC
DNS James Graham, VC Godalming & Haslemere
DNS Chris Carroll, WyndyMilla

Race 2 – Cancelled

Race 1 – Results (30/09/18)

1st Liam Walsh, VC St Raphael
2nd Baranabus Purbrook, Nuun Sigma sports – London RT
3rd Alex Richardson, Private Member
4th James Jenkins, Richardsons-Trek RT
5th Tom Wiley, Team LDN
6th Jamie Francis, Worx Factory Racing
7th Sam Christy, London Dynamo
8th Elliot Ward, Crimsom Performance
9th Shaun Cook, Bristol Road Club
10th Peter Allan, WyndyMilla
11th Philip Palmer, Twickenham CC
12th Edmund Bishop, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
13th Adam Przedrzymirski, London Dynamo
14th James Nicholson, Surrey Hills Cycleworks
15th Dean Corney, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
16th Ian Bray, Addiscombe CC
17th Jamie Olsson, Maison Du Velo
18th Ethan Lee, VC Equipe
19th Anthony Roberts, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
20th Joseph Donohue, VCEquipe
21st Andrew Carter, Private Member
22nd Len Delicaet, Dulwich Paragon CC
23rd Daniel Roberts-Clarke, Private member
24th Paul Hollingsworth, Worx Factory Racing
DNF Harry Horsman, Cadence Cycling Performance
DNF Andrew Lindsay, Surrey Hills CycleWorks
DNF Robin Basford, WyndyMilla
DNF Mike Knight, VC Meudon
DNF Stefan Gloyn, Addiscombe CC
DNS Mitchell Webber, Halo Sport Cycling Team
DNS Jacob Hermann, Onyx Racing Team
DNS Damien Clayton, Private Member
DNS Neil Edwards, Private Member
DNS Chris Jenkinson, WyndyMilla
DNS Paul Newsome, Project 51
DNS Jody Paxman, Rapha CC
DNS Tom Battrum, Rapha CC
DNS Oliver Richardson, Twickenham CC
DNS Gavin Ash, Worthing Excelsior