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The Sufferfest Sponsors the Surrey League

The Surrey League is pleased to announce a new supporter for 2013: The Sufferfest.

The Sufferfest makes downloadable cycling training videos of high-intensity interval workouts, from 20 to 85 minutes in length, that put you right in the middle of the action using actual race footage ranging from from local crits to the Tour de France. They are accompanied by great music and clear instructions telling you exactly how much you should be suffering at any stage of the workout.

For the 2013 season The Sufferfest will be providing a free video download for the 4th place finisher in every Surrey League weekend road race. The reason for sponsoring 4th place? Well, if you finish 4th then you obviously need the benefit of training with a Sufferfest video to get on the podium next time around...



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The next Surrey League event will be on March 9th @ Dunsfold

Link to The Sufferfest web site

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