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Surrey League Jaunts 2005
5 Day Stage Race
Sponsored by Pearson Cycles

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This year's Jaunts 5 Day will once again be sponsored by Pearson Cycles.  They will be providing the yellow jersey for the leader overall on GC, a green jersey for the leader on points and a trophy for the winner. 

Stage 1 - Friday June 25th - 7.00 PM
Ladies Mile - HQ Groombridge - 38 miles
Promoted by Tunbridge Wells RT

Stage 2 - Saturday June 26th - 1.30 PM
Ewhurst - HQ Ockley Village Hall - 65 miles
Promoted by Epsom CC

Stage 3 - Sunday June 27th - 1.30 PM
Norwood Hill - HQ Leigh Village Hall - 65 miles
Promoted by Pearson Cycles

Stage 4 - Monday June 28th - 12.00 PM
Cutmill - HQ Elstead Youth Centre - 64 miles
Promoted by

Stage 5 - Tuesday June 29th - 12.00 PM
Bletchingley - HQ Bletchingley Village Hall - 67 miles

This event is open to 2/3/J/W category riders.
Entry fee Surrey League members: £50.00
Entry fee non-members: £75.00

Entries to: Surrey Cycle Racing League
22 Picton Close
Surrey GU15 1QT

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Past Winners

Ed Perry
Ed Perry - SP Systems
2004 Winner

Steven Richards
Steven Richards - VC Meudon
2003 Winner

Ivan Jordan
Ivan Jordan
2002 Winner

Guy Pearson
Guy Pearson - Pearson Cycles
2001 Winner

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