The Handicap Championships was won by Paceline RT rider Ed Francis after chipping away from his group during the closing stages of the last lap taking the win by 5 seconds.

The 50+ riders were organised into 5 groups, based on known ability level, with each group being 6+ riders strong. Group 1 was the first to exit the car park with group 2 following 5 minutes later. In total, all 5 groups covered 20 minutes of handicap time so group 5, the last to leave and containing some very strong riders, had a hard morning of racing awaiting them especially if they wanted to contest the sprint for the win.

In the end, this was not the case as the first 2 groups merged and held off everybody else by 1 minute. A tough day for all in good, dry weather conditions.

1st Ed Francis, Paceline RT
2nd Sam Stewart, Racing Club Ravenna @ 0:05
3rd Daniel Roberts-Clarke, Private member @ 0:07
4th Chris Jenkinson, WyndyMilla
5th Darryl Rice, Racing Club Ravenna @ 0:10
6th Stefan Gloyn, Addiscombe CC
7th George Kingaby, Addiscombe CC
8th Simon Mumme, Paceline RT @ 0:16
9th James Bullen, Unknown Rider Development Team @ 0:20
10th Dean Corney, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT @ 0:24
11th Peter Allan, WyndyMilla @ 0:28
12th Grant Fraser, Paceline RT
13th Jeremy Howe, Paceline RT @ 0:47
14th Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC @ 0:57
15th Chris Wright, Charlotteville CC
16th Declan Egan, Kingston Wheelers @ 1:06
17th Warren Jesse, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
18th Chris Mcnamara, Nuun Sigma sports – London RT
19th Tobias Dahlhaus, Richardsons Trek
20th Jamie Francis, Worx Factory Racing
21st Linton van Zyl, Kingston Wheelers
22nd Anthony Roberts, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
23rd Michael Guilford, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
24th Jack Wyllie, Norwood Paragon CC
25th Jamie Olsson, Maison Du Velo
26th Richard Cartland, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
27th Kevin Nelson, Crawley Wheelers @ 1:11
28th Andy Critchlow, Norwood Paragon CC
29th Paul Barnard, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
30th Simon Mcnamara, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
31st Mark Gower, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
32nd Edmund Bishop, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT @ 1:25
33rd Will Ranoe, Morvelo Basso RT @ 1:39
34th Stuart Bettis, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
35th Ian Bray, Addiscombe CC @ 2:04
36th Chris Carroll, WyndyMilla
37th Jack Freeman, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
38th Andrew Bradbury, Paceline RT
39th Harry Bunnell, Kingston Wheelers
40th Jeremy Whittaker, Brighton Mitre
41st Tom Herbert, Kingston Wheelers @ 1 lap
42nd Jason Edwards, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
43rd Spencer Jackson, VC Meudon
44th Sam Short, VC Meudon
45th Robert McLanachan, Addiscombe CC

DNF Nick Martin, Crawley Wheelers
DNF Jake Yarranton, Morvelo Basso RT
DNF Alex Yeldham, VC Meudon
DNF Michael Moyle, Brighton Mitre
DNF David Smith, Hoops Velo
DNF Sean Standerwick, Kingston Wheelers
DNF Dominic Wilson, Kingston Wheelers
DNF Ross Mccracken, Unknown Rider Development Team
DNF Kev Witton, Unknown Rider Development Team
DNS Ollie Rastall, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
DNS Richard Pearce, Paceline RT
DNS GARY Brind, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
DNS David Bone, Racing Club Ravenna