Sunday 5th August saw Crawley Wheelers promote 2 road races on the tough circuit of Sharpthorne.

The days racing began with a 58-mile race covering 58 miles (4.5 laps). Then in the afternoon, the 2nd/3rd cat started with the riders tackling 71 miles (5.5 laps).

Results (3rds)
1st David Bone Racing Club Ravenna
2nd Jacek Nowosielski, London Dynamo
3rd Nick Sturman, Unknown Rider Development Team
4th Chris Jenkinson, WyndyMilla
5th Paul Hopkins, DHC
6th Dominic Wilson, Kingston Wheelers
7th Lee Messenger, Abellio SFA Racing Team
8th Jack Kellam, Brixton Cycles
9th Jallani Qureshi, Crawley Wheelers
10th Alex Dobiecki, Crawley Wheelers
11th Tobias Sicheneder, Private Member
12th Ed Francis, Paceline RT
13th Mark Nuttall, Farnborough & Camberley Cycling Club
14th Guy Drabble, Private Member
15th Mic Contrino, Private Member
16th Nigel Langridge, Crawley Wheelers
17th Harry Bunnell, Kingston Wheelers
18th Sam Stewart, Racing Club Ravenna
19th Paul Ransom, Sotonia cx
20th Adam Barrett, Unknown Rider Development Team
21st Sam Gregson, Velosport CC
22nd Conor Clancy, Brighton Excelsior CC
23rd Iain Duncan, Crawley Wheelers
24th Mark Gray, London Dynamo
25th Steve Coombs, Sussex Revolution VC
26th Cliff Steele, Brixton Cycles
27th Stuart Evans, Crawley Wheelers
28th Ollie Suatt, VC Meudon
29th Tijmen Schel, Crawley Wheelers
30th David Smith, Hoops Velo
dnf Liam Yates, 5th Floor
dnf Jonathan Steer, Addiscombe CC
dnf Jeremy Whittaker, Brighton Mitre
dnf Horatio Holloway, Brighton Mitre
dnf Kyle Walker, Brixton CC
dnf Richard Prebble, Cc Basingstoke
dnf Adam Crook, Dulwich Paragon CC
dnf Stewart McMahon, Gemini BC
dnf Edward Cabot, Kingston Wheelers
dnf David Willis, Kingston Wheelers
dnf James Knighton, London Dynamo
dnf Oliver Craig, Mono Cycling
dnf Alexander Evangelidis, Onyx Racing Team
dnf Geoffrey Lulham, Paceline RT
dnf Jamie Ford, Racing club Ravenna
dnf Oliver East, Twickenham CC
dnf Ross Mccracken, Unknown Rider Development Team
dnf Paul Atkinson, VC St Raphael
dns Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC
dns Connor Billings, Addiscombe CC
dns Richard Moult, Brighton Mitre
dns Valentino Fontana, Gemini BC
dns Dan Adams, Onyx Racing Team
dns Jeremy Meredith, VC Godalming & Haslemere

Results (2nd/3rds)
1st Kendal Noctor, Kibosh Racing
2nd Lewis Winfield, VC de Londres
3rd Oliver Winwood, Bratchell Velo club venta
4th James Bonham, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
5th Robbie White, Woolwich CC
6th Harvey Guningham, 4T+Cyclopark
7th Warren Jesse, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
8th George Wells, Cadence Performance
9th Andrew Carter, Private Member
10th Alex Cross, Oakley Pedalers
11th Paul Newsome, Project 51
12th Hugh Smith, Woolwich CC
13th Matthew Conner, GS Henley
14th Joe Parker, Blazing Saddles
15th Richard Cartland, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
16th Andy Martin, Kingston Wheelers
17th Jamie Francis, Worx Factory Racing
18th Jamie Olsson, Maison Du Velo
19th Bill Bell, Bigfoot CC
20th Dean Corney, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
21st Paul Barnard, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
22nd Alexander Donaldson, Chaingang RT
23rd Rich Seabrook, Kingston Wheelers
24th Jack Wyllie, Norwood Paragon CC
25th Michael Guilford, Meudon-Sovereign-Pedal Heaven RT
26th Ray Wilson, Chaingang RT
27th Matt Bridge, Chaingang RT
28th Josh Greet, Kibosh Racing
29th Adam Moore, Morvelo Basso RT
30th Philip Glowinski, VC de Londres
31st Daniel Roberts-Clarke, Private member
32nd Oliver Scott, Dulwich Paragon CC
33rd Adam Littlechild, Racing Club Ravenna
34th Will Ranoe, Morvelo Basso RT
35th George Marshall, Kibosh
36th Mark Gower, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
dnf Nick Martin, Crawley Wheelers
dnf Isaac Wright, Project 51
dnf Edward Davies, Dulwich Paragon CC
dnf Ben Huttly, Brighton Mitre
dnf Gavin Francis, London Dynamo
dnf Callum Clark, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
dnf Thomas Hansell, Addiscombe CC
dnf Lawrence Coyle, Brighton Mitre
dnf Mark Day, Generation Press CC
dnf Stewart Curtis, Kingston Wheelers
dnf Jake Yarranton, Morvelo Basso RT
dnf George Skinner, Norwood Paragon CC
dnf Irfan Zaman, Panagua CC
dnf Joseph Donohue, VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
dnf Tristan Grigalis, WyndyMilla
dns Gavin Ryan, Chaingang RT
dns David Billings, Cycology Sunwise
dns Rowan Brackston, London Dynamo
dns Ryan Smith, Morvelo Basso RT
dns Stephen Cavey, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
dns Ollie Bishop, VC Equipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
dns Gavin Ash, Worthing Excelsior