The 3rd handicap event covered 22 miles on the Charlwood circuit. It was held on May 10th and promoted by Redhill CC.

1st Henry James, Crawley Wheelers
2nd Kevin Nelson, Crawley Wheelers
3rd Stefan Gloyn, Addiscombe CC
4th Brindley Taylor, Project 51
5th Matthew Ferguson, Redhill Cycling Club
6th Ben Irving, TAAP Cervelo
7th Lee Pendlebury, Crawley Wheelers
8th Mark Gower, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club
9th Andy Critchlow, HJL
10th Nick Martin, Crawley Wheelers
11th Kev Witton, Unknown Rider Development Team
12th Grant Fraser, Paceline RT
13th Ben Huttly, Brighton Mitre
14th Alex Dobiecki, Crawley Wheelers
15th Chris Wright, Charlotteville CC
16th Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC
17th Ben Wright, Crawley Wheelers
18th Nigel Langridge, Crawley Wheelers
19th Steven Noake, Unknown Rider Development Team
20th Ryan Machin, Crawley Wheelers
dnf Stephen Chinn, Sussex Revolution VC
dnf Chris Wood, VC Meudon
dnf Max Kingdon, Paceline RT
dnf Nicolas Verdier, Crawley Wheelers
dns Jonathan Steer, Addiscombe CC

Bonus Points 
1st 4th Ben Wright, Crawley Wheelers
1st 3rd Stefan Gloyn, Addiscombe CC
1st 2nd Henry James, Crawley Wheelers
1st J n/a
1st W n/a
1st V Mark Gower, Southdowns Bikes CASCO pet Racing Club